Get influenced in addition to trytip for dating out and about new things.

I love advice, I have an assessment next week and I hope to pass it successfully thanks to your advice …

oh! I am glad to be in your searches Virginia !!! I hope that interview goes very well, I sure do! A hug

Excellent tips !! Finally something concrete. I will follow you closely. I congratulate you Cesar. Huge greetings from Argentina !!!! German

Thanks César for these tips, I am in that phase in which circumstances ask you to renew yourself and change things to obtain better results.

I must tell you that I really liked your publication, I have been in a new job for 15 days, which is scheduling appointments, I must also tell you that I had previous experience with this but I do not like anything, I am a telemarketer but I think that scheduling appointments is much more complicated On the subject of assistants and receptionists and even more so when you deal with the school sector, the truth is that this job has cost me a lot of work, I have read your publication about 3 times in 20 days and I apply it but it seems that my results are the opposite of favorable, I am desperate….

Cesar, what an interesting and well accomplished article you have written, I am an Old School salesman and perhaps one of the biggest obstacles for me is unlearning and relearning. Not being very nice on your first call goes against hundreds of trainings, workshops and books on this topic… but it makes a lot of sense just like the rest of the information. Thank you for that moment of inspiration captured on the web.

Well, I’m very happy Javier, I hope you do very well in the sale, and without a doubt that you have so much experience that you should not go wrong at all. A hug for California.

Excellent article. I totally agree that we should not seem robust, I think it should be a priority to be more natural, although the commercial attitude should be present, it should not be within a script to refresh the so frowned upon world of telemarketing.

Thank you Yolanda for your feedback. Telemarketing has a lot of future, it is a different sale, but when the methods are fine-tuned, very effective. Thanks for your enthusiasm. A hug

Just until today I am reading you for the first time and it seems to me that you have a barbarous approach, the subject of giving examples is excellent, generally one reads information that never gives examples and one is left thinking «Come on and how more or less I do that what are they saying”

I am starting in the commercial area of ​​my company and I am absorbing information like a sponge, this type of reading helps me a lot.

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