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It is very easy for a patient to have an appointment for several weeks, but when the day comes they do not remember. Instead of having to constantly call on the phone so that the patient knows what day they have the appointment, the best thing is that you can receive an automatic reminder by e-mail or mobile message.

Let’s also bear in mind that in private clinics, unless the patient comes to the appointment, you do not charge for the service. And in addition to that, the user is removing a space from your agenda that you could dedicate to other patients. It is therefore very convenient to try to get patients to keep appointments and not forget. With a software that allows you to do this, everything will be much easier.

Have you ever stopped to think how much time you waste printing medical documents every time a patient comes to your clinic and asks for work leave? It would all be much easier if the patient could print it directly from an application

Let’s also think that it is possible that there are patients who tend to neglect an appointment or treatment for work reasons. The fact that they see that justifying their absence from work is easy and fast will save them a lot of worries.

There are many clinical services that require the ability to create recurring appointments. For example, a psychiatric clinic may require a treatment that involves going periodically to the medical center for consultation.

The fact that your medical appointment software allows you to schedule several appointments at once will make it much easier for you to better manage your schedules and have knowledge of when you have appointments. The same that applies in this type of clinic, it can also be useful for a psychology consultation or a dental clinic.

Maybe you have an appointment management software, but not a program that allows you to manage the waiting room. Several patients come that day, but some arrive earlier than others, so in theory you should be able to attend to them before those who have arrived late.

The best way to facilitate the management of the entrance to the consultation is through medical software that allows you to manage shifts. Shift management must be linked to appointment management so that you do not have to enter the daily data of those who have requested an appointment. The best thing therefore is that both applications are integrated into a single software to make everything easier.

Not everything has to do with the patients, but with the medical or clinic staff that should treat them. They should have an organized schedule and be aware of when and at what time they have to see each patient and in what place. Discover the advantages of having a medical appointment schedule.

In this sense, tools like Nubimed allow you to synchronize your appointment calendar with Google Calendar so that each member of staff (or even external personnel) knows where they belong and when they have an appointment.

Nubimed meets all these requirements and is the medical appointment software solution you are looking for. Manage your patients’ appointments professionally and appropriately for today’s needs, and let your clinic go fully into digitization so that you can offer a higher quality service and improve the productivity of your services.

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